Extra Safety Equipment


HELP photoThe HELP is another device designed to assist catching the parasail  after a line separation, this does not replace the wrangler in  an emergency situation, but gives you more options when recovering the parasail. 

The HELP is a simple device that can help if the passengers are unable to operate the Chute Wrangler. Now you will not have to get close to the parasailers with a boat hook to operate the wrangler for them. The Help with its extendable pole, large detachable carabiner and 27ft of rope  allows you to deflate the parasail without getting too close the passengers.

The HELP is constructed from a extendable pole that can reach up to 12ft, with a large detachable mooring hook that’s design has been around for 20 years. We have coupled this with a 27ft  5/16th spectra rope that is covered with a protector and packed in a pouch. The line length is tailored to avoid being caught around the propeller if dropped in the water but still long enough to safely deflate the parasail.

It’s a great partner to the Wrangler and brings that added safety level to your business. To see it in action visit the gallery and watch the video.


PHRED photoPHRED is designed to assist in situations when the wind is strong and the winch or vessel has ceased to function. PHRED helps with recovering the parasail with any assisting vessel.

PHRED is a device that allows you to recover the parasail and its passengers into another vessel. Not everyone has a spare parasail vessel around to help if you have a parasail stuck in the air, this device can be used with any type of vessel over 17ft (except a jet ski).

After PHRED is unpacked it can be connected between any two secure points on the assisting vessel and tightened down. Connecting a 50ft tether line to the parasail towline is a stainless double wheel pulley. The tether line then goes through a one way come-alone ratchet, this allows you to take up the slack and then allows you to ratchet in the rest of the tether line to bring the parasail down onto the assisting vessel. The double wheeled pulley allows the assisting vessel to move towards the parasail with more ease and on arrival at the parasail there is an additional safety strap to secure the parasail to the pulley making it easier to unload the passengers.

It’s a device you don’t think you need until its to late, it also brings additional safety to your business. To see it in action visit the gallery and watch the video.


SnailThe Para-snail is designed to assist in an emergency situation. The para-snail gives the crew time to call for help or fix the problem, all in a slow controlled manner.

The Para-snail is an 11.5ft sea anchor with a 40ft tether line, its packed in a neat and ready to use package for quick, easy deployment in seconds. It has floats along the line and a buoy at the crown. In the event it has to be discarded it can be recovered at a later time, as well ashaving a safety carabiner to give a good secure connection to the vessel.

The Para-snail can assist you in the event of engine failure in strong winds, it can relieve pressure on the towline and keep the vessel straight into wind during squall type winds or in the event of loss of steering and many other situations. The Para-snail brings everything under control and slows things down so you have time to think, even time to get your anchor untangled and deployed. It’s also excellent  for areas with deep water.


It’s a great partner to the Wrangler and brings that added safety to your business. To see it in action visit the gallery and watch the video.

Parasnail 1 Parasnail 2 Parasnail 3

Chute Wrangler

Wrangler-and-lineThe chute wrangler is designed to assist recovery of parasail after a line break in high winds. It fits onto the rear riser of parasail, when deployed into the water it should bring the parasail to a slow stop.

It fits easily on to any size parasail and can be operated by the passengers or the parasail crew. Each parasail requires its own specific Wrangler deflation line, these come in various sizes  to fit each parasail.

If the Wrangler is accidentally operated it does not effect the flying ability of  the parasail, it will just require a controlled water landing.

The wrangler is becoming a very popular addition to many operators’ safety procedures, we have sold 200+ and counting. To see the Wrangler in action and how it works visit the gallery to watch the videos.


Chute wrangler 1 Chute wrangler

Wrangler Guard

GUARD3-150x150The Wrangler Guard gives add protection and security during the parasail inflation to the Chute Wrangler when it’s already attached.

The Guard is easy to fit after flights and remove before takeoff, it helps protect the wrangler from pre-deployment or snagging during the parasail inflation. Can also be useful for holding the deflation line more securely during the inflation.



Guard 1 Guard 03 Guard 3