! 2021 happened !

! 2021 happened !
For many this season is coming to a close, even though the world is still a little bit crazy, safety is still a high priority for the parasail industry. So, it’s again time to start thinking about preparing for winter storage of your equipment. This is the perfect time to get your equipment inspected, repaired, neatly rolled and ready for next year. Remember equipment doesn’t like to be left wet, repairs need to be done anyway. Why procrastinate about doing repairs and maintenance?
As the popularity of our annual fall maintenance discount keeps growing we will be repeating the offer again. We are going to do the additional special from last year as it is all seems to be blending in to one, we are giving you 20% discount on all repairs and inspections done from September 13th until December 31st. This includes any parasails, harnesses, passenger bars, Wranglers, Para-Snails, etc.
For those who like to drop off equipment at the Parasail Operators’ Symposium we will have the container there again this year for you to drop of your equipment. But for those of you that want to get a head start you are welcome to drop it at the factory, or we can offer through FedEx lower inbound and return rates during this period on all annual equipment maintenance. 
To get help with the shipping, simply fill out and email us the forms below. We will send you the labels via email for your boxes. Then you can just attach the labels to the boxes and drop them at your nearest Walgreens or FedEx office.
This year the Parasail Operators Symposium is back as an in person event. It is being held on November 2nd – 3rd, at a new location in Sarasota, FL. Go to the WSIA’s website to register for the event and see the 1st draft of the event schedule. Oh YES that also means the Parasail Olympics is going to happen again so start training. We look forward to seeing all your faces at the Parasail symposium.
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