PARASAIL CAPTAIN TRAINING COURSE (First courses of the year)

$1750 Per Person

!!Hurry get your place!!

This Parasail training course is being held at Custom Chutes facility for up to 4 people. The course will be subject to the number of participants.

The 5 day training course will start on Monday and end on Friday. Current available dates 03/09/20 – 03/13/20

The course will cover in classroom & practical below:

Maintenance & equipment inspection
Flight zone safety
Forecast & observational data collection
Meteorology and how it affects a parasail
Air law (maximum flying altitude)
Distance from shore
How a parasail works
Emergency procedures
Captain and crew operational skills
Set up and inflation of parasail procedures
Modem mast inflation (nearly all operations nowadays)
High wind & Low wind
Safe ways of loading parasails with passengers – Singles, tandems, doubles, triples, etc.
Operational maneuvers
Controlling towline pressure
Maneuvering a round and dealing with other boat traffic and obstructions
Correct storage of equipment

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