Parasail Equipment advisory

COVID-19 Alert

With the current Corona Virus concerns affecting the world many people are worried about touching or coming in contact with surfaces after others have. All authorities are recommending cleaning surfaces regularly to reduce transfers of virus

With parasail equipment do not use any Bleach based product, Lysol or Pinesol on these products as it will damage and degrade the material.

To disinfect the areas where people touch such as the webbing of the bar straps and the harness hook risers a solution of 60% Alcohol and 40% Water can be used to clean it. Cheap vodka, rubbing and denatured alcohol can be used.


Try not to use all your equipment during this time, just what is necessary as prolonged intensive cleaning my result in more degradation over time.

We are a small industry and a family, if you have any ideas or solutions to make this easier for you and your fellow operators to continue to work safe during this time, please pass the knowledge on.



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