POS 2020

No in person POS this year.

With Covid19 there will be no in person Parasail Operators Symposium, however the WSIA are doing a virtual Symposium on the 5th of November. So unfortunately we are not going to get to meet up and have a drink at the bar, compete in the Olympics and all that fun. 
It also means we miss the chance to show our products to you face to face and you are all missing the opportunity of seeing Lee getting dragged by a parasail. You can watch that here.

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Our first product to bring to your attention is the Super Shuttle. This extreme machine is designed for the purpose of passenger transfer, no other towable device has been designed for this job. Its size(24ft x 8.5ft) & key features make it the device you need:

  • 6 Numbered well spaced passenger seats plus a crew seat.
  • Securing anchor eyes on each side to secure shuttle perfectly to the parasail boat. Multiple anchor points for different size boats and loading types.
  • Non-skid loading areas.
  • Large bow to pass passengers over a large shore break.
  • Unique centralized inline design keeps shuttle stable and passengers safe when landing on the beach.
  • Handles for controlling shuttle in the surf and on the beach and a water recovery handle.
  • Rub rail and second skin for longevity from chafing against the side of the boat.
  • Beach chafe protection from second skin on bottom of shuttle.
  • Elongated Tow points with tow bridle made from parasail towline.

It can still be used for rides as you do now when not shuttling, customers have great fun and don’t know the difference. Through its design and construction this product is robust and has excellent manufactures warranty with available repair center in central Florida for non-warranty damage.  

End of Year deal, order before the 1st of December and get $1060 off list price. It can be shipped now or closer to your opening time next year.
There will not be a deal like this product once 2021 season starts. Watch in action

Customer quote: My Super Shuttle has been excellent this season and its condition is so good we are going to use it next season to, we used to have to buy 3 shark shuttles to get through the season.   

If you haven’t heard yet about our new range of parasails, let us introduce the XXXtreme, these new models are designed for improved lift and stability while reducing drag and towline pressure. To avoid confusion the new designs have been introduced with a new model coding to simplify its function.

  • Its Wind range LP, MP, HP
    • LP(Low-wind)          0 – 14 mph
    • MP(Medium-wind)   15 – 23 mph
    • HP(High-wind)       24 – 32 mph
  • Its Max weight capacity for safe descent; 350, 550, etc.
    • eg.
      • HP 350  (High-wind 350 lbs.) 
      • LP 550  (Low-wind 550 lbs.)   

We have demo parasails available to try if requested, so if you have some time and are interested in these let us know.
But don’t panic we still plenty of your old favorites in stock, they are not going away anytime soon if you do not want to try out the new designs yet.

Train the future

Don’t forget your future parasail captain and mate, check out our Parasail training course and up coming schedule.

Repair Season 

Off season repair time is here too, it is time to start thinking of getting those most important repairs and inspections done. Best deal in years (20% Off)