Recreational Packages

Leisure PackageLeisure parasail packages are available for the private boat owner wishing to enjoy parasailing for recreation. Made in Florida, USA, this parasail is commercial quality, built to the same high standards as our commercial line of Parasails. Modern high lift designs, quality USA materials and experienced workmanship assures the leisure user of the best flying and great looking parasail.

Each package will include the parasail, deluxe padded harness, 300 Ft towline, carry bag along with full instructions for use. For assistance in size selection, call us and we will gladly assist you.

Note: A parasail winch system is not needed to enjoy leisure parasailing. Simply launch the parasail from a smooth unobstructed large beach area into the wind. Parasailing is a Fun, exciting activity and should never be attempted in high winds (over 15 mph) or in turbulent air conditions, nor in the vicinity of thunderstorms. Be sure to obtain a weather briefing first. Never parasail if current and forecasted winds and weather are not suitable. Always remain attentive to changes in actual weather when the parasail is in use.

Extra harness & towline available upon request

Proud suppliers to the U.S. Air Force and Navy!

SizeNameWeightWind SpeedDesc
24′Standard70-200 lbs16 mphSingles
26′Magnum80-250 lbs15 mphSingles/ Heavy Singles
28′Mistral90-300 lbs14 mphHeavy Singles/ Light Tandems
30′Trade110-350 lbs13 mphHeavy Singles/ Tandems
32′Pegasus120-380 lbs12 mphHeavy Singles/ Tandems