commercial parasails

Air Management Zippers

All parasail sizes marked HIWIND or of a medium to high wind range parasail such as the .5, MP, HP ranges come with Air Management Zippers (old name high wind zippers) as standard, in any other size they are an optional extra that can be added to the parasail on your request.

Air Management Zippers allow the parasail to be more versatile by dealing with strong and gusty winds, opening the operational envelope up to 1 to 2 mph more wind speed above its normal operational wind speed of the standard parasail. Which in a parasailing operation can make a difference when needing to carry a payload in the lower range of the parasail, in winds in the higher end of its operational wind speed or carrying a heavy payload that the next size down parasail could not carry.

Air Management zippers (A/M) are the long vertical vents with zippers, not to be confused with the short trim zippers for trimming. The Air Management zippers are designed to be used either both fully open or both fully closed, there should NEVER be any halfway measures. These zippers should be opened when the wind speed reaches the higher end of the parasail’s flight envelope. This will help the forward motion of the vessel and stabilizes the parasail on landing.

Air Management Zippers should never be used to trim the parasail.

hw zippers closed
hw zippers open

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