Additional accessories


51421vR8IRLBeing a parasail crew on the boat requires a lot of moving about, bending over and squeezing through gaps. So wearing life preserver has be near impossible, but now we have the Restube to assist you should the unforeseen event of the you/crew going overboard while operating.

RestubeThe Restube is a small package that fits on your hip, should unforeseen happen then just pull the cord and buoy inflates in seconds. Now you have something to assist your flotation please a large marker to draw attention with.

The Restube is completely reusable should have to use it simply let the air out through the valve and add a new CO2 cartridge. Fold it back in to the bag and your ready go, that simple.

We have additional CO2 cartridges available too.

01_USA_RESTUBE_INFO_EN_20150730-(008)-501_USA_RESTUBE_INFO_EN_20150730-(008)-1 CO2


IMG_1848 2Easy build kit for drying parasails, this kit makes it easy to build a drying tower for you parasail. The parasail dryer unit allows for easy erection and move ability.

Items included in the Kit:
Qty 1  Dryer head
Qty 1  3 part Leg brace

Items not included:
Qty 6  Galvanized Top rail 1-3/8” x 10.6’, 17 gauge (Home Depot)
Qty 9  #8 x 1/2” sheet metal screws
Qty 3  Ground stakes
Qty 3  Tent pegs

Items required to construct:
Power drill
7/64” drill bit
Philips head drill bit
Reel of old parasail towline

IMG_1628 2bracebrace-2



Non-Medical Face Masks

During this time of world shut down many governments and authorities like the CDC and WHO recommend that people wear face covering when in public to help slow the spread of Covid-19. As Medical masks are in short supply people are encouraged to use other types of face coverings to cover their nose and mouth.We have tried to facilitate this with building some comfortable face coverings.



Our masks are 2 ply form stretchy T-shirt material, in the interests of being green we are trying when possible to use T-shirts that are irregular seconds. These masks are washable and reusable.  Ties can be trimmed to suit user. User has two options to fit masks tie around head or around back of ears. 

If you have different quantity, international shipping or pick up with no shipping please call