Commercial Bananas

Custom Chutes is proud to offer top quality commercial bananas and trampolines from Custom Watersports Equipment.Custom Watersports Equipment

Custom Watersports Equipment commercial bananas are made of 40oz 1100 Denier UV resistant PVC material and have our Custom Watersports durable tow point. We have wide range to fit your needs from the inline bananas to the water taxi.

Two of our most popular models are the 12 seat Water Taxi and the 10 seat side by side dual directional banana. These are great for giving rides and transporting passengers from the beach to a vessel or vessel to vessel.

2015 12 seat Water Taxi

The Water Taxi has been improved for 2015, the new improvements include under tube wear patches to improve longevity when being dragged around on that aggressive beach sand. No more pesky cones the Water Taxi ends have been finished with rounded ends instead of using cones. The new Taxi is also much lager then the older model this improves it’s ability to ride throw larger seas, more comfortable for the passengers with more space between them and being larger it make the transfer between the Taxi and the vessel even easier.

The full range

6 & 8 seat inline
8 seat inline dual directional
6 & 10 seat side by side
10 & 14 seat side by side dual directional
12 seat water taxi
14 seat water Bus NEW
6 seat inline red shark
10 seat side by side red shark
3, 5 & 6 seat  killer whale
6 & 10 seat side by side killer whale