Parasail TrainingCustom Chutes, Inc., with it’s partnership with Custom Watersports Equipment Inc. is equipped and able to offer parasail training for captains and crew, here in Bradenton or at your own location.

We offer a minimum 5 day intensive training course for new captains and crew mates that will bring your business up to industry standard with safety and profitability, this includes:

  • Correct equipment used for parasailing.
  • Daily maintenance check and procedures.
  • Correct operation procedures to minimize equipment damage and save time.
  • Theory of parasailing.
  • Meteorology.
  • Emergency rescue procedures.
  • Correct operation procedures to maximize passenger safety.
  • Air law, FAA regulations.
  • Marketing and more.

All done as practical and theory.

We also offer refresher/update courses for experienced captains working or returning to the industry to inform of new techniques and equipment, reduce number of parasail repairs, increase customer safety and increase profitability.