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Ballast Bob

Our Ballast Bob is our simple and easy new way to deal with the needs of a ballast bag, such as the ballast weight for banner tow parasail or as ballast to be flown with an under-weight flyer/s for the parasail size being flown. The advantages are that there is no need to find a water bladder for your ballast as the Ballast Bob is made with a 15 US gallon water barrel which when full can weigh up to 135 lbs. with freshwater (140 lbs. saltwater). Also, you can now change the characters that are on Ballast Bob with the changeable panels, so you don’t have to have more than one Ballast Bob on the boat, or you can always leave him blank.

The changeable panels can be made with your logo or some of the characters that are already done. They are easy to change with the Velcro fastening that connects the panel to the barrel. The common panels that are available are M&M’s, Minions, and Sponge Bob. And don’t forget that we can do your custom ones too.

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A group of Ballast Bob can be a great tool for training new captains and crew, we offer a family of Ballast Bobs for the purpose of training. Two 20 US gallon water barrel (180 lbs. each) adults, one 15 US gallon water barrel (140 lbs.) teen and one 7 US gallon water barrel (65 lbs.) child. This family of Ballast Bobs allow the trainees to mix and match to simulate different weights, practice balancing the passenger bar, as well as easily replicating the feel of triples, doubles, and single flights.

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