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Deborah Abbott

Deborah, Chris’ wife, although from a secretarial background where she worked as a Personal Assistant in the publishing world with water-skiing as her main interest, moved with Chris to the Caribbean to gain more commercial parasail operational experience whilst awaiting US Visa confirmation before they moved to the US.

They worked together as captain and crew understand the day to day working of a parasail operation, she became very adept at launching large parasails by hand before the days of the “sissy bar”! Deb works alongside Chris and was significant in the growth and development of the business we see today and is nicknamed the “Oversight Department”.


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Custom Chutes Inc. is a parasails equipment design and manufacturing company with heritage of experience dating back over 45 years. Custom Chutes’ design and manufacturing team has developed a reputation for the highest standards of excellence and we remain the largest builder of parasail equipment not only in the USA but worldwide.