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Iron Mate

The Iron Mate Launch System was developed by Custom Chutes, Inc. over 20 years ago to simplify launching the parasail, today it has been copied in some form or another and can be seen on nearly every parasail vessel around the world. This the OG Iron Mate is for a converted vessel, replace old damaged Iron Mates or for newly constructed parasail vessels.

The Iron Mate Launch System is constructed from heavy-duty stainless-steel pipe and coated with a scratch resistant coating. It is designed to fit easily on any vessel, the whole unit can be fitted to a vessel, or the top section can be used with existing parts of the vessel. There is no need for any messy wire support, and it is still the best way to install the modern launching system into an old parasail vessel with no need to build an expensive arch.

This is the easiest way to launch the larger parasails and it has revolutionized the industry in the way of launching parasails. Please contact us to get tips on how to use it best.

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