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Manufacturing Custom Chutes Parasails

Custom Chutes Inc. uses two materials for manufacturing its parasails, 1.9oz silicone coated 6.6 Ripstop nylon and 1.3oz silicone coated 6.6 Ripstop nylon that are constructed & coated exclusively for Custom Chutes Inc.

Both these materials come in a wide range of colors, are built to the same in strength, but are used in different circumstances. All medium to high wind parasail designs are made in 1.9oz material (except 37.5 & MP 500 or unless otherwise requested) this keeps the high wind parasail’s mass up which helps the parasail be more docile and handle better in strong wind. All low wind parasail designs of sizes 34’ to 52’ and LP models are made in 1.3oz material (unless otherwise requested) this makes the parasail’s mass low providing excellent efficiency, much easier to inflate at a low airspeed and reduces power need to fly payload.

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All our parasails are built to the highest standards and are all quality control inspected by our team before it leaves our factory. Balance checks are performed to the canopy, lines, and vents of the parasail, to insure the best flying parasail from the factory, not to say they sometimes may still need a little trimming after flying that is what Trim zippers are for.

Each parasail has 16 shroud lines and 2 center lines constructed from 2000 lbs. test, 12 strand polyester coated line which is constructed exclusively for Custom Chutes Inc., we have 8 available colors plus red. All parasails will have 4 Red front shroud lines, 12 opposing colored shroud lines (normally relative to the parasail’s colors) and a differentiating color for the center lines.

Our webbing is exclusively constructed for Custom Chutes Inc., the line tabs and crown are made from our 3000 lbs. 1” polyester webbing, each parasail has color coded tabs with Red indicating the front, Green the back and the rest are Black. The crown will be made from one of the available colors to best suit the parasail’s color design, all parasails will have a launch strap for inflation installed in the rear of the parasail located appropriately for the size of the parasail.

The tow yoke is constructed with 3 layers of our 6500 lbs. 2” polyester webbing for strength and robustness of the harsh life aboard a parasail vessel, with color coding to match Port & Starboard of vessel for ease of use, plus all 316 stainless hardware. Tow yoke triangles for a second passenger are no longer standard on the parasail but can be easily added on your request.

Additional feature available for customers that have issues with yoke degradation from winch post. We can build on request to your parasail our replaceable yoke assembly, with our 316 stainless hardware it allows the operator to replace the end as needed without needing to return it to Custom Chutes Inc. for repair.   

All parasails come with trim zippers; these are located in the front G panels. These are for trimming purposes only and DO NOT create more lift if both are closed, just drag that some people mistake as lift.

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Custom Chutes Inc. is a parasails equipment design and manufacturing company with heritage of experience dating back over 45 years. Custom Chutes’ design and manufacturing team has developed a reputation for the highest standards of excellence and we remain the largest builder of parasail equipment not only in the USA but worldwide.