Position: Parasail Captain


Safe Operations:

Ensure the safe and smooth operation of parasailing tours, prioritizing the well-being of passengers and crew.

Boat Handling:

Expertly navigate and maneuver the parasail boat to and from designated launch and recovery points.

Passenger Briefing:

Conduct thorough pre-flight briefings for passengers, explaining safety protocols and ensuring a comfortable experience.

Equipment Inspection:

Regularly inspect and maintain all parasailing equipment, including chutes, lines, and harnesses, to meet safety standards.

Emergency Response:

Be prepared to handle emergencies and execute proper safety procedures in various weather conditions.

Customer Interaction:

Provide excellent customer service, addressing questions and concerns, and creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Team Collaboration:

Work closely with crew members to coordinate seamless operations during tours.


Captain’s License:

Hold a valid parasail captain’s license, indicating proficiency and knowledge in maritime regulations and safety.

Parasailing Experience:

Possess significant experience in parasailing operations, demonstrating expertise in launch and recovery procedures.

Safety Certification:

Maintain up-to-date safety certifications and training related to parasailing operations.

Leadership Skills:

Exhibit strong leadership qualities, guiding the crew and ensuring a cohesive and efficient working environment.


Prioritize customer safety and satisfaction, delivering a memorable and enjoyable parasailing experience.

Join our parasailing team as a Captain and lead exhilarating adventures in the skies above. Apply now to be part of a dynamic crew dedicated to providing safe and unforgettable experiences for our customers.

Price: Salary Dependent on Qualifications and Negotiation
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