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OP Lower Winch Post 4-Way Roller

Due to the aggressive nature of the knot stopper/knot breaker of an Ocean Pro on the towline, we have developed a lower roller unit to replace it. This increases the towlines operational life by lowering the wear on the towline, this can increases it up to 6 months of operational life.

The 4-way roller is design to fit old and new style OP winch posts, it first requires the removal of the old knot stopper and cleaning up of the end of the post. I can be fitted quite easily in 3 -4 hours and because the towline is only coming in contact with moving rollers it will decrease the towline wear massively and cutting down the potential of a towline failure. Some operators have even stopped needing to use coated towline and if need it will still work as a knot stopper.

4 way roller
lower roller 2 01
lower roller 2 03
lower roller 2 05

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