Custom Chutes Inc. CCAL 1200

NEW Upgraded all anodized aluminum winch drum with levelwind system for replace or upgrade of older CWS boats (Nordic, old OP’s), Centurions or good for home build/conversation boats.

New built in and replaceable drum coupler
Large greaseable and easy changeable drum bearings
Brass spacers for rollers
Available with chain or belt drive for levelwind system
Fits both types of motor-brake setups



Material: Type III anodized aluminum
Dimensions: 22”H x 23”W x 15 1/2”D
Capacity: 1200’ 3/8th \ 900’ 7/16th
Bearings: Large 4 3/8″ ball race
Width with whites motor & brake: 37”
Width from center to back of whites motor & brake: 25 1/2”
Width with HP  brake motor: 34”
Width from center to back of HP  brake motor: 22”