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Chute Wrangler

Custom Chutes, Inc. has spent many years designing and developing the Chute Wrangler to assist recovery of parasail after a line separation in high winds. Personally tested by our team themselves with hours & hours of them being dragged by parasail after parasail, we are proud to put our name to it.

It fits onto the rear starboard riser of parasail and when deployed into the water it should bring the parasail to a slow stop. It is easily fitted on to any size parasail and can be operated by the passengers themselves or by the parasail crew with a boat hook. Each parasail it is used with requires its own specific Wrangler Deflation Line (will stay on parasail) for the Chute Wrangler to work, these come in various lengths and are color coded to correspond with each size of parasail.

If the Chute Wrangler is accidentally deployed in the air, it will not affect the flying ability of the parasail, unfortunately it will though just require a controlled water landing to recover the flight.

The Chute Wrangler is becoming a very important addition to many operators’ safety procedures, we have sold 300+ and counting. By using a Chute Wrangler on your parasail every flight, your operation will be compliant with ASTM standard F3099 requirements.

For repacking instructions or questions please contact us.

To see the Wrangler in action and how it works watch the video below.

chute wrangler and deflation
saftey chute deflation 1
saftey chute deflation 2
saftey chute deflation 3
saftey chute deflation

Wrangler Guard

The Wrangler Guard gives add protection and security during the parasail inflation to the Chute Wrangler when it’s already attached for those who wish to speed up their turnaround time.

The Guard is easy to fit after flights and remove before takeoff, it helps protect the wrangler from pre-deployment or snagging during the parasail inflation. Can also be useful for holding the deflation line more securely during the inflation.

wrangler guard for protection
wrangler guard close up
wrangler guard hanging

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