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Para-snail (Parasail Emergency Sea Anchor)

Custom Chutes, Inc. has especially designed the Para-Snail to assist in an emergency situation where vessel control is extremely important. The Para-Snail gives the parasail vessels crew time to call for assistance or fix the problem, all in a slow controlled manner.

The Para-Snail is a custom designed 11.5ft sea anchor for the purpose of parasailing with an attached 40ft tether line, it is packed in a neat and ready to use package for quick and easy deployment in seconds. It is fitted with floats positioned along the tether line and a buoy at the canopies crown, for in the event it has to be discarded it can be recovered at a later time. The other end of the tether line is a large safety carabiner to give a secure and reliable connection to the vessel.

The Para-Snail can assist you in many events such as engine failure in strong winds, stabilizing the vessel and giving valuable to deploy the anchor if need. It can relieve excess pressure on the towline and keep the vessel straight into wind during squall type wind conditions or even in the event of loss of steering and many other situations. The Para-Snail allows fast deployment, then brings everything under control and slows things down stabilizing the vessel so you have time to think, even time to get your anchor untangled and deployed. It’s also excellent for areas with deep water where an anchor could never be used.

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It is recommended, when possible, to connect the Para-Snail to the bow eye of the vessel. As this is difficult to reach from the deck of the vessel, we recommend the use of a leash. Our Leashes are made from 18,000 lbs. polyester towline with eyes pre splice for vessel type and a protective sheathing to help protect from sun for longevity and chafing.  

It’s a great partner to the Wrangler and brings that added safety to your business as well as meeting ASTM parasail standard F3099 requirements. To see it in action, watch the video below.


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