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Harness Caddy

To keep your harnesses in the best conditions as long as possible we recommend the harness caddy. We have two size available the regular and the 1/2 size. 

The regular caddy has 14 loops to fit up to 14 harness (we have seen operators fit 18 – 20 harnesses sharing loops) and has adjustable hanging straps so it can fit many different vessels. It keeps the harnesses neat to avoid chaffing and with its easy to zip cover it is easy to keep the harnesses out of the harmful sun’s rays when they are not in use. With the comfy shoulder straps, it is easy to take the harnesses on and off the vessel as the bag becomes a backpack.

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The ½ size caddy has 7 loops to fit up to 7 harnesses (again with shearing a few more can fit) and the same adjustable hanging straps as the regular sized caddy. It is great for use on small vessels like shuttles that carry prep harnesses or on shore with additional spares & backups.

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