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Custom Chutes harnesses are designed for comfort and safety of the passenger using them, our waist connection harnesses have had many tweaks and upgrades from the original waist connection design.

Our webbings are built exclusively for us in the USA and the 316 stainless caribeaners are from a world leading climbing equipment manufacture custom finished to our standards.

The construction of our harnesses consists of one piece 6″ seat strap and 2 ply 2″ hook risers that are one piece from one side to the other for added security, the back strap will very in webbing width dependent of harness size from 3”, 4” or 6”. The 2“ waist strap is buckled with a heavy duty ladder lock buckle for easy of use and has comfy ripstop covered closed cell foam back & seat pads. Our thick 2″ polyester webbing is rated approximately 6,500 lbs. giving us a hook riser strength each side of approximately 12,000 lbs. connected to our high quality custom finished 8KN 316 stainless caribeaner. The 2” Polyester webbing and 3”(3000 lbs.), 4”(4000 lbs.), 6”(6000 lbs.) polypropylene webbings are used in our harnesses to make a light, strong and minimally water absorbing harness for longevity and passenger comfort.

Our harnesses are color coded for size to make it easier for the operator to pick out the correct harness for the passenger, we have 7 standard sizes available and 2 size available on special order one super small & one extremely large size. For the safety of the passenger, they should be fitted in the correct size harness with the waist strap fitted around the waist NOT over the life jacket.

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To help guide the user on sizing we have given the approximate weight ranges for each size of harness, this is not the weight limit for the harness as they are all built with the same quality materials, just a guidance for purchasing.

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WARNING: Size varies to body shape (tall & skinny and short & large). Also, the waist strap is designed to be in contact with the body, NEVER put over the life jacket.

Wearing Instructions

Optional Shoulder straps

We offer harnesses with additional shoulder straps for users that feel they need added security for those passengers that have troublesome body shapes when fitting in the harness.

Our Shoulder straps are fully removeable so the harness can be used with or without them. The straps go over the shoulders with a chest trap for a comfortable fit under the life jacket. We have 3 different size straps to work with our harness sizes from S to XXL, the harness must have the reciprocal parts attached for the straps to work with it.

Older harnesses can be sent in for the straps to be added or you can purchase new harnesses with the straps installed.

Wearing Instructions

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