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The Parasail Hi-wind Recovery Emergency Device (PHRED) is designed to assist in situations when the wind is strong and the winch or vessel has ceased to function. PHRED helps with recovering the parasail with any assisting vessel available to assist.

PHRED is a device that allows you to recover the parasail and its passengers into another vessel. Not everyone has a spare parasail vessel around to help if you have a parasail stuck high in the air, this device can be used with any type of vessel over 17ft (except a jet ski).

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After PHRED is unpacked it can be connected between any two secure points on the assisting vessel and tightened down. Connecting a 50ft tether line to the parasail towline is a stainless double wheel pulley. The tether line then goes through a one way come-alone ratchet, this allows you to take up the slack and then allows you to ratchet in the rest of the tether line to bring the parasail down onto the assisting vessel. The double wheeled pulley allows the assisting vessel to move towards the parasail with more ease and on arrival at the parasail there is an additional safety strap to secure the parasail to the pulley making it easier to unload the passengers.

It’s a device you don’t think you need until it’s too late, it also brings additional safety to your business. To see it in action, watch the video below.

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