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The Hook with Emergency Lanyard for Parasail (HELP) is another device designed to assist catching the parasail after a line separation, this does not replace the wrangler in an emergency situation, but gives you more options to work with when recovering the parasail.

The HELP is a simple device that can help if the passengers are unable to operate the Chute Wrangler. Now you will not have to get close to the parasailers with a boat hook to operate the Chute Wrangler for them. The Help with its extendable pole, large detachable carabiner and 27ft of rope allows you to deflate the parasail without getting too close the passengers.

the help equipment

The HELP is constructed from an extendable pole that can reach up to 12ft, with a large detachable mooring hook that’s design has been around for 20 years. We have coupled this with a 27ft 5/16th spectra rope that is covered with a sun protector and packed in a neat pouch. The line length has been tailored when connected to the bow cleat to avoid being caught around the propeller if dropped in the water but still long enough to safely deflate the parasail.

It’s a great partner to the Wrangler and brings that added safety level to your business. To see it in action, watch the video below.

the help

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