Ballast Bag, Iron Mate & Deck Bag

Ballast Bob

Red M&M flyingMinion Ballast BobOur Ballast Bob is our new way to deal with needs of a ballast bag such as ballast weight for banner tow or as ballast for under-weight flyer in the parasail. The advantages are that there is no need to find a water bladder as Ballast Bob is made with a 15 us gallon water barrel which when full can weigh up to 130 lbs. Also, you can now change the characters that are on Ballast Bob with the changeable panels so you don’t have to have more than one Ballast Bob.

The changeable panels can be made with your logo or some  of the characters that are already done. They are easy to change with the Velcro fastening that connects the panel to the barrel. The common panels that are available are M&M’s, Minions and Sponge Bob. And don’t forget that we can do your custom ones too.

Red M smallYellow M small

Ballast Bag

Sponge Bob Ballast flyingOur ballast bags can be used in many ways, as ballast weight for banner tow or as ballast for under-weight flyer in the parasail. They can be built with any finish; two popular ones are the M&M and Sponge Bob (Does not included water bladder).

If  you require a water bladder we can supply you with a 13 us gallon water bladder, when filled with water weighs about 100 lbs.


Iron Mate

Iron mate Launch System is a stainless steel construction with scratch resistant coating. The easy way to launch the larger chutes. Needs no messy wire support.

The Iron mate launching system is nearly a decade and a half old, it has revolutionized the industry in the way of launching parasails. It is still the best way to install the modern launching system in to an old parasail vessel with no need to build an expensive arch.

Iron mate steps one... ...Two... Three..!


Deck Bag

The Deck bag is a special bag designed to save you money and make the captain’s life easier. The bag can be used on all types of boats, its purpose is to keep the parasail out of the harmful sun when not in use and be ready to use straight away, also making it faster to change between different parasails.

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