Flags & Banners and Banner Chutes



Custom Chutes’ flags are a good way to stand out from the crowd. Flags can be customized to your needs, taller, shorter or made in a range of many different colors. The flags are constructed using our 1.9oz UV protected parasail material to help with long exposure to sunlight, all text and logos are made from the material and sewn to the flag. We do not screen print onto the material.

15ft tall feather flags can be built in any color with letters as you wish; we recommend no more than 10 letters so to keep them highly visible to your customers. The flags are designed to fit on any 2” fence post, NO pole is supplied

Standard rectangle flags are available and can be made any size you would like, with rope loops down one side for attachment. Plastic or metal clips are available also.

New novelty flags such as the dolphin, jetski and scuba diver.

Banners & Banner Chutes

Banner chutesCustom Chutes makes banners to advertise local businesses or enhance your own, we also makes banner chutes (for banner towing only) for banner tow businesses.

Banners are normally 60” or 120” high and as long as is needed for your lettering, making it highly visible the beach, special sizes can be made. The banner comes with plastic clips to connect to the line (larger metal clips also available), one connection cord and one connection bungee.

Also available the mid line connection clips.

Banner chutes are for advertising banners up and down the beach, they come in one size 18ft. The smaller parasail allows the operator to easily inflate, use a smaller boat or travel along the beach faster. The banner chute comes with bag that can be also used for carrying ballast.