Harnesses & Parasail Life Jackets


HarnessCustom Chutes harnesses are designed for comfort and safety of the passenger using the best materials available and two 316 stainless caribeaners. Our webbing is built for us in the USA and the caribeaners are custom finished to our standards.

Our construction of our harnesses consists of one piece 6″ seat strap and 2 ply 2″ hook risers that are one piece from one side to the other for added security. Our thick 2″ polyester webbing is rated approximately 5,000 lbs giving us a hook riser strength each side of approximately 10,000 lbs. We have 7 standard sizes available and 1 extremely large size available on special order,  to determine the different sizes of the harnesses we use different colors.









Size varies to body shape (tall & skinny and short & large). Also the waist strap is designed to be in contact with the body, NEVER put over the life jacket.

Harness Caddy

Harness Caddy LogoTo keep your harnesses in the best conditions as long as possible we recommend the harness caddy.

The caddy fits up to 14 harness and has adjustable straps so it can fit many different vessels. It keeps the harnesses neat to avoid chaffing and with its easy to zip cover it is easy to keep the harnesses out of the harmful sun’s rays when they are not in use. With the comfy shoulder straps it is easy to take the harnesses on and off the vessel.

Harness caddy 1 Harness caddy 2

Parasail Life Jackets

Life JacketCustom Chutes’ parasail life jackets are perfect for parasailing, with their short body height and open sides allowing the harness to fit underneath easily. This helps keep your customers safe and comfortable throughout their flight.

Also Customized life jackets with imprinted logos are available on special order, they are available in two colors and the imprint in two colors too.

Life Jackets 1 Life Jackets 2


T.R.A.S.H Harness

TRASHTraining Recovery Assistant Suspension Harness (T.R.A.S.H) is design to carry up to a 44 US Gallon trash can, for use in training new captains how to fly or for captain and crew practicing of emergence safety procedures. Such as engine failure or passenger rescue after a line separation.

The T.R.A.S.H harness comes with two different attachment points for connecting directly to the parasail or to the passenger bar. It has adjustable straps for accommodating smaller or different shaped trash cans.

TRASH in use